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Top 5 Furniture Pieces to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Top 5 Furniture Pieces to Spruce Up Your Living Room

The living room is usually the most frequented place for most homeowners. Not only is it the go-to place to entertain guests but the entire family often congregate in the living room to watch TV or just catch up with each other. If you think your living room needs some sprucing up, below are five items from our store that can enliven its atmosphere!




The 3 Branch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light With Black Shade is sure to grab everyone’s attention when they enter your living room. Not only does it look sleek but the contrast that the yellow bulbs inside provide is great for nights where you need a more romantic mood.


If you’re the type who holds a lot of parties at home, this chandelier will be a great fit no matter what kind of festivity you’re throwing. This item is priced just £67.32 with dimensions of W40 x D40 x H120 cm.




The Art Deco Venetian Glass Console Table oozes class like no other. If you want your guests to take notice of your decor, this is a piece you should definitely have in your living room. Rocking white sides with black accents, the rest is outfitted with Venetian glass lending it that sophisticated look.


Pair it with a vase of red roses and you got yourself an ideal focal point in your living room. More than its good looks, this console table is also quality made and is sure to last you a long time. This item is priced just £403 and has dimensions of 75x100x35cm.




This Black Rock On! Hand Figure is a great way to inject a little fun into your decor. You can easily put in any table on your living room as a centerpiece or as a part of your figurine lineup--whatever works best for you! Get this hand figure now for just £12 from its former price of £16.20 with dimensions of 22x12x7cm.




The Antiqued Marine Wooden Rowing Boat Bar Shelving Unit is ideal for rustic living room themes or anyone who’s decor style is fun and eclectic. It will no doubt be a conversation piece among your guests since it’s a unique shelf that’s hard to find. You can get it now for just £342 from its former price of £461.70. Its product dimensions are as follows: 140x50x33cm.





Don’t let the retro title fool you! This armchair is as lively as it gets with its eye-popping black cowhide pattern that will no doubt give your living room a much needed eye-candy. More than its bold style, it’s also plush enough to unwind in at the end of the day. Get it now for just £296 from its former price of £399.60. Its product dimensions are 75x73x65cm.


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5 Product Must-Haves for a Home Garden That Never Goes Out of Style

5 Product Must-Haves for a Home Garden That Never Goes Out of Style


Having a home garden is an amazing way to unwind and be in touch with nature even if you’re right at the center of a city. If you want your garden to look extra spectacular for times that you just want to relax, you’ve come to the right place. Below are five of our product must-haves to make sure that hanging out in your garden never goes out of style!




This Black and Silver Rectangular Sequin Cushion is sure to make a chill out afternoon at your garden a snug and comfortable one. With its black and silver style, it’ll provide a stark contrast to your home garden’s greenery. Get yours now for just £16 from its previous price of £21.60. Its product dimensions are as follows: 40x60cm.




There’s nothing like ornamental grasses to supplement the real thing. Our ornamental grasses in galvanised pot style are handcrafted to perfection and look as genuine as if you’ve planted them yourself. Get yours now for just £67 from its previous price of £90.45. Its product dimensions is 182cm tall.




This Polished Aluminium Saturn Ice Bucket Champagne Cooler is the perfect accompaniment for a dinner out in your garden or when entertaining a couple of guests outside. Not only do you get a cooler but also a saturn ice bucket where you can hang your champagne glasses. Get yours now for just £50 from its previous price of £75.60 with product dimensions of 31x27x27cm.




If you’re aiming for a rustic look to go in tandem with your home garden, this Set of 3 Antiqued Wooden Trays Broadmoor Brixton Liverpool St is sure to be the right fit. These trays can serve either as an adornment or as a way for you to serve drinks like tea or coffee. Get it now for just £61 from its previous price of £82.35. The three trays that come with it are available in the following dimensions: 10x56x38 (largest), 8.5x53x35 (medium), and 7x50x31cm (smallest).




This Set of 3 Extra Large Oval Galvanised Planters are a great way to infuse an old-style, rustic feel to your garden. These containers is ideal for garden with small spaces and for encasing different kinds of plants such as flowers or veggies. Get yours now for just £180 from its previous price of £243. The product dimensions are as follows: 45x90x50 (large), 37x73x41 (medium), and 30x53x30 (small).


Designing Your Garden


The above items are to just give you some ideas on how to design your home garden. There are, of course, many other garden pieces you can check out to better scope out the right item for the look you’re going for. No matter what your home garden motif is, you’ll surely find the piece that will best suit your preferred style!


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Make a Statement with your Lighting

Make a Statement with your Lighting

The lights installed in your home carry much more weight than the normal function. Through the lighting, your home can get an entirely new look and can change the appearance of your house. A good lighting can create a good atmosphere in the home. A good Lighting in the home can give some special feeling to the visitor of the home.
Now we will tell you some most useful lighting tips which you can use for making your hope look exquisite. Our tips will be helpful for every type of house in any part of the world.

Placement of Light

Illuminate elements of your home can give some great looks to inside and outside the house. For example, the dining tables and the coffee tables present at the home can be illuminated with emotional pendant lights. These lights look quite good on high ceilings. These lights can be hung upside down for a centre look. The higher your roofs are the bigger your fittings can be used. These lightings can also fill the vacant spaces left in the room. One of the many other places where this light looks good is in the front of a big mirror. The mirror will reflect its light and will spread inside the room. A fireplace can also be a good point for this point. Actually, a focal point is given in the room using this light.

Table & Floor Lamps

Table and floor lamps give an immense look to the room. The table lamps are of nature which can save energy as well as these can be used for working alone. My using table lamps you can easily do file work by sitting for the late night without disturbing your partner. The table lamps are also made up of crystal and other fascinating elements. Few table lamps have different colours which also give some impressing look. On the other side, the floor lamps also carry a vital importance in the beautification of the room. These lamps should be placed in the prominent area of the room. Rather than ditching in the corner of the room, they should be placed where the visitors of the rooms can easily see it.

Decorative Lights

The decorative light is one of the most famous lights now a day. These light can create the artificial atmosphere of any place. For example, if you are sitting in the bedroom and you have the mood to chill and dance then this light can provide you services. It can create an atmosphere just like a disco. The combination of LEDs further increases the environment of the place.


If you are out of the budget and are not able to overhaul your lighting products, then you can consider small changes in the present collection of lights which you have installed in your house. You can change the covers of the lights or you can also add shades to the lights. Sometimes changing of an old bulb can also be proved very helpful.

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Using Lighting to Transform your Home

Using Lighting to Transform your Home

When you are thinking to do some renovation in your home and taking care of every single thing to be changed completely, then lighting is a must consider the thing. People often don't take care of lightening while renovating their home. According to many surveys and reports, lightning is only the tool by which flaws can be covered during building the house. A good sense of lighting can give immense pleasure to the house. I would not hesitate to say that lighting should be the top priority while transforming your house. Most of the people don't take care of this aspect as they think that lighting cannot give a change to room or the entire house.

Further while choosing lights for your home, you should also take care that whether the light in the room is required or not. Some lights in the room depend on the size of the room. Mostly the types of lights include the table lamps, the floor lamps, and the pendant lights. These should be used accurately and correctly where required. Providing the perfect lights in the room can give a cool and pleasant touch. This will ultimately improve the mood of the people living there too. The need of lights at a specific place and the wish of lighting at that place are entirely two different things. The need of lights may be less at a certain place but your wish could be more at the same place. Lighting in the living room should be kept more as compared to the other rooms.

In the living room, the use of bright lights should be more. It should be carefully taken care of the light in the living room as light should spread in the whole room equally. As living rooms are the meeting rooms of the family too so it is the most frequently used room of the house. Sometimes families get together to watch movies on the mini theatre placed in the living room.


A pendant light should be used in the living room because it would be hanged in the centre of the room and light would spread equally on all corners. Further at the corners reading lamps and floor lamps should be placed so that they would give a dashing look to the room.

In the kitchens, a bright light providing instrument should be used as all the food is to be prepared there and cutting of vegetables and fruits is also being carried there. While lights in the bedrooms should be kept dim.

Bedrooms are mostly to get relax so a dull lighting scheme would be suitable here which relax the eyes and give comfort. While choosing the lights the interior of the room should also be kept in mind.


The design of the furniture and walls should be carefully observed while choosing light providing appliances.


For an artistic look, side table lamps should also be placed in the bedroom which gives an extended feeling. If you are a type of romantic personality, then you should use a couple of candles in the room or hanging lamps too. 

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How to Decorate a Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

The design of a living room is always an essential factor which helps it to look good. To make things easy for you. We have answered a couple of questions which you probably think when adjusting your room settings. These include the questions about the layout of the room, how you can save space in your room and finally What size of furniture should be in your room. After reading this article, you will not get worried about the issues you are facing in setting your room. For your convenience, we have arranged the top five tips that will make your living room convivial and will provide relaxed sitting even in small space.

1. Choose Eye Catching Colours.

The colours in any room provide the first impression of the room. The colours should be light enough that would fascinate anyone who enters the room. Some colours are quite tricky that they even give cool and eye calming look to the room. The yellow colour is known for providing an extraordinary look to a living room. These type of colours give an impression of large space too.

2. Manage the vertical space.

The vertical space of room should be used effectively to give the room a wider look. Vertical space can be used in a sense by hanging multiple posters and picture on the wall. By doing this activity the eyes automatically catch those hanging stuff. Further, the decoration products can also be placed by installing shelves on the walls. These shelves can also be used for making your room look more attractive. Many things of daily use can also be placed on those shelves. These shelves also give the room a broader look, and you can exhaust your storage capacity.

3. Size of Furniture

The size of furniture also has a great impact on making the room cool. Choosing the furniture which is small and smart should be bought. If you are thinking to put a sofa in your living room, then skip that plan and buy Chinese chairs instead. These chairs are quite comfortable and smaller in size. The smaller the size of the furniture would be the more you would feel better while roaming in the living room.

4. Multiple usage Products.

Now a day due to innovation in almost everything of life, the change in the furniture sector has also impacted the costumer's demand. Customers now require multi-tasking products. Like many furniture items are available in the market that becomes bed as well as sofas. These type of items saves the space as well as gives a charming look to the room

5. Using Natural Light

Using the natural light for most of the time is always a great thing. Likewise, while setting your living room, the use of white light should be considered. Things should be planned in such a way that natural light should recoil in the whole place. This would also save electricity as well as will make your living room give an eclectic look.

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If you are thinking to develop an inspirational office then here we are providing you best tips for it. People get tired of a dull environment around them. They need such environment where they can stay motivated to achieve their goals. Inspiring surroundings put a significant impact on the creativity of an individual.


Neutral furniture creates a timelessly elegant look. A welcoming and earthy environment can be created with different shades of brown colour. Greenery along with such environment is a bonus point. Plants provide coolness and calmness to human nature. Injection of fresh air by plants and vases of flowers create a healthy impact on human lives. They create a happier and a productive environment.


It’s totally up to you whether you want the wallpaper or paint in your room. You need to keep your mind in style, your budget and the look of the wall you want to achieve. If your mind says to choose a dark colour and you love it then don’t move back because of fear. Use that shade and don’t think about what people will say. You need to love what you do.


If you are a tidy person, keep everything in a properly manageable way and doesn’t like things scattering around you then you should keep colourful boxes, baskets and pots which will hold your accessories. They will help you to keep your workplace neat and clean.


If you feel like that you can’t give your whole room to your home office, then you should think to decorate a corner study. You can create a boundary by using an area rug. The best option can be a room divider because it ensures privacy too. Corner- shaped bookcases, desks and chests inspire others to work more hard.


White-painted furniture is perfect for a home workspace. Just imagine floral motifs and retro pieces with it. They will give a fantastic look to the room. Typewriters, antique telephones can be used as retro pieces that will distinguish that place from all other areas of the home. Use drawers, wicker baskets and pin boards to avoid becoming your room trash.


You don’t need to follow any rulebook to style your home office. It’s totally up to your mood and priorities. Your style of home office should challenge the perfect ideas related to designing of a study space. You are free to whatever you want to do. Choose a statement base to jazz up your lamp, place eye-catching statuettes in bookcases and see how unique your place will look like. Place art pieces according to your taste will add more beauty to your workplace. Embellishing workplace lies in personalization. Once you decide the way of styling your workplace, don’t let anyone make you stop it. Develop your unique style. You don’t need to follow others. There is nothing wrong to be different. Do what inspires you. This will boost your confidence too.

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