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The Writing's on the Wall: Original BTC

The Writing's on the Wall: Original BTC

Original BTC produce truly individual, stunning lights that double up as fantastic statement pieces, guaranteed to get your guests talking! Original BTC is known for their quirky, unconventional material choices and bold designs. They’re renowned internationally for being a British lighting brand that honours tradition, boasting high quality, authentic products that are made here in the UK.

Today we’re going to explore Original BTC’s range of wall lights and explore how to use this type of lighting to elevate and accentuate your room with various rules, styles and tips.

So, what are the different types of wall lights? This style is often misunderstood. More often than not, the first thing that people picture is outdated ornamental sconces that sat on your Grandma’s feature wall, giving off little to no light - and they’re just, generally, ugly. Well, that’s no longer the case, as the right wall lighting choices can draw attention to your home’s best features. Flush lights can dramatically alter the ambience of your room - inviting soft and welcoming tones to your home. These wall lights are incredibly versatile and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms and even dining rooms.

A great tip with flush lights is to pair them up for impact. Adorning the walls either side of your bed with two fixtures adds class to your room through symmetry - many people use this technique to achieve a sleek, thought out space. Above bedside tables, the lights add structure to the room - bringing together elements in one congruous style. Furthermore, your bedroom will look more elegant and sophisticated, and you’ll be able to save space on your bedside tables for a “cleaner,” minimal feel. What’s not to like?

Original BTC have some brilliant flush lights that fit this technique perfectly, let’s take a look at some of them. The Fin light is an eye-catching piece sporting a ridged translucent bone china shade, which has been moulded into intricate organic shapes. When lit, the effect is dramatic yet clean, with sharp lines that are reminiscent of minimal and modern styles, yet the overall shape softens the light’s appearance for a more feminine look - meaning that is is very versatile. Handmade in Stoke-on-Trent, these unique shades are angles to a satin chrome stem and base. The new grey cotton braided cable complements this style beautifully. Available as a Table, Floor and Wall Light.

Other wall light styles include adjustable, portable and swingarm pieces. Task lighting is used to illuminate specific areas where you may be working, highlighting details with ease and providing you with the optimum light setting to complete complex tasks. This form of direct is best utilised in desk lamps and spotlights, allowing you to redirect the light to highlight particular features or to create different settings and moods.

Original BTC’s take on task lighting, with their aptly named Task range, combines the traditional table lamp aesthetic with the brand’s hallmark style. With its simple form, this light comes with an adjustable arm, and the aluminium shade directs light exactly where it is needed in a beam. The classic British Task range is a popular style choice - and they come in an array of colours so that you can coherently match your room’s colour scheme. This light comes in a pendant, table, floor overreach and of course the wall light.

Original BTC takes the idea of adjustable lighting a step further with their portable Pleated wall light. This light is the brand’s most flexible wall light - as the pleated bone china shade can be held to the wall by a satin chromed round wall fixing. However, this isn’t all, because the light comes with a cotton braided cable with an inline switch and plug, allowing for the light to be positioned anywhere, without the need for hard wiring. This is something less commonly seen in premium wall lighting collections.

With this added flexibility, you can rearrange the atmosphere and light setting of your room as you see fit - highlighting different features of your home, or you can use it as task lighting. Whether you’re accentuating smaller details of work or larger details such as your home’s original features - this product exemplifies why wall lighting is great. As with anything, the devil is in the details - and if you can showcase your home’s architectural features, then you can get the best out of the space visually. Get a well-rounded, thoroughly thought out lighting scheme with pieces like this.

Using wall lights in awkward recesses or corners to evenly distribute light around the room - for example, illuminating the spaces either side of your chimney breast will make the room appear wider. Wall lights are also great for showcasing your artwork, or you can use unusual placement to highlight prized collections and possessions for more personalised interior design. Another technique is to make your hallways appear elongated with multiple wall lights. Where your period property would usually have a dark hall, you can shake things up to make the space appear more striking - this idea makes the room seem longer and accentuates your high ceilings.

For something in keeping with traditional style with an industrial edge, why not take a look at the 7208 by Davey Lighting. This is an attractive double ended marine-inspired wall light, produced using traditional craftsmanship. The 7208 is available in weathered brass, polished brass and chrome plated finishes. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically on an internal or external wall, as it’s weatherproof. Choose from clear or frosted glass.

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All About Table Lamps - The Original BTC Way

All About Table Lamps - The Original BTC Way

Original BTC are known for their individual style, combining the industrial with minimalism for an eclectic variety of sophisticated lights. Today we’re going to look at a couple of new products and the brand’s selection of table lamps.

The Original BTC are all about revamping classic design elements to make them timeless, breathtaking and guaranteed to get everyone talking. They take great care to source materials and craft all of their lights within the UK, as well as ensuring that every design is produced by highly skilled craftsmen. They pride themselves on creating a brand that is internationally recognised as a homegrown British retailer. They have successfully achieved their goal through rescuing multiple sites in the West Midlands, namely their bone china factory at the heart of the ceramics industry in Stoke-on-Trent, as well as glassworks and metalworks in Birmingham. This is a brand that is proud of tradition and the heritage of the past, but is also keenly aware of upcoming interior innovations and design trends.

As of this January, Original BTC have launched a number of new products, not least of all an exciting new addition known as the Oxford Double range. Available in a desk, floor, pendant and table variations, this concept marks the start of new creative possibilities for the brand. This is their very first double bone china shade, making it an exciting extension to their already prolific collection of lights. As pictured above, the two separate shades allow the viewer to enjoy bone china and its translucence, as well as its solidarity in the outer shade. As such, both shades share the same patterned design, yet the texture is dramatically altered between the two shades. The inner shade exudes the company’s infamous soft glow of light, making for an interesting juxtaposition. This shade also provides a strong beam of light below for task work, meaning that it is ideal for a workspace. The shades are enhanced by an elegant satin brass stem and detailing. All in all, these qualities marry to strike a balance between beauty and practicality and prove that original BTC are never short of innovations.

Next, we’re going to take a look at the Primo table light. This simple piece is perfectly formed and beautiful for any industrial or study space that already has elegant motifs but yearns for clarification. This throwback to the past with a glass prismatic shade that is reminiscent of overhead industrial factory light fittings. It would make an effective statement piece for a space in your home, especially when combined with metals, browns and rustic tones alongside masculine interior decor. As always, the shade is crafted in Original BTC’s Birmingham glassworks, and is great for darker rooms.

The brilliance of this design is in the way that it is brazen in its choice to incorporate a bold prismatic glass shade yet the size of the light is scaled down, to prevent the style from being overbearing. The black and white weaved braid is a genius detail as it gives the smaller light tactile personality, while reinforcing that its inspiration is rooted in the functional characteristics of industrialism. Give your home the charisma it deserves with this light. Buy it here!

Our next table lamp is one of Original BTC’s most popular and widely recognised styles. This classic British concept is still bold, yet toned down to suit both masculine and feminine room schemes. Do you want to enhance your bedroom? These lights are fundamentally uncomplicated in form, yet still radiate finesse. As is usually the case, the intricately designed bone china shade is the piece’s dominant element, and accentuates the high level of craftsmanship required to create such an authentic collection. The ridged aspect of the shade creates a translucent effect while also giving the light a less formal, softer aesthetic. This would be perfect in a room with muted, relaxing tones for a cosy feel - recommended for your bedside cabinets, as pictured above. Two lights either side of your bed would give your room uniformity and simplistic elegance. To enhance the look even further, this piece would be well suited to a Scandi themed office or reading space. Crisp structure and simple features, such as the trademark cotton weave braid, mean that this is a hallmark staple in Original BTC’s arsenal. Buy it here!

Why not check out the full range of Original BTC lights that we have available?

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Introducing KT Furniture

Introducing KT Furniture

The Kingstown Furniture brand, launched in 1976, is targeted at the modern and stylish consumer looking to buy affordable furniture. KT offer customers the opportunity to purchase fashion-led, British made, ready assembled furniture which is excellent value for money. Their products are on trend, well made and will easily give your bedroom that wow factor.

KT always strive to ensure that they remain one step ahead of the market with a constant stream of innovation and up-to-the-minute designs that match the breakneck speed of the ever-changing trends of interior design. The brand’s design department proactively anticipate new concepts with their vast knowledge and continuous investment in new product development. KT champion themselves on listening to the needs of their customers and translating these issues into functional furniture solutions. Furthermore, with the addition of new ranges, KT have managed to attract a younger customer demographic that would usually be buying flat pack furniture of a similar price point.

The first collection we’re going to look at is the Ocean range. This modern collection of either oak or oak and mussel bi-fold or hinged wardrobes with matching chests draw on current bedroom trends, offering a sleek concept that is softened by the colour of Oak. The contemporary wave texture to the waist of the wardrobes and top draws is also complemented by small chrome pull handles, giving this collection a smart, polished look.

This sumptuous oak design can suit a variety of modern aesthetics, with large mirrored panels to create the illusion of more space in your bedroom. Whether your bedroom is traditional or minimalist - this range is versatile and features sharp lines as well as tactile detailing. When combined with white walls and understated style elements, this range feels very clean, relaxed and in tune with current trends. When combined with other pieces of the same range the simplicity and genius of the collection reveals itself.

If your tastes are ultra modern, then look no further than the Cosmo range. Acrylic accents will give your bedroom the wow factor with this high gloss contemporary bi-fold bedroom collection. This style is fantastic for those interested in the very latest interior design trends. To complete the look, bring more drama to the bedroom with bold accessories that accentuate your personality. Geometric wallpaper and minimalist design could be combined with this range to create a slick, modern feel.

All furniture in the Cosmo collection comes with soft close drawers and doors as standard. Brushed chrome handles are as standard, and of course the wardrobes are bi-fold to save space. The range comes in 2 colour options, these being Washed Grey Oak and Graphite Gloss or Washed Grey Oak and White Gloss.

Nicole is part of the Premium Collection alongside Cosmo, instead showcasing a more traditional style that is on trend currently, with an option of two painted colours - white or graphite. If you’re looking for a feminine, classic style aesthetic that can be modernised with the graphite colour scheme, look no further. The attractive, deep routed lines found on the doors of this range highlight the well-proportioned designs of each piece. This collection would be ideal for those looking for traditionally styled pieces that have a timeless nature about them, for example in a revamped Victorian house where original features have been reinstated and the colour palette simplified.

KT are also keen to acknowledge and address environmental concerns, as well as responsible sourcing. They are committed to sustainable forestry and only use timber from forests that are well managed and have been granted Forest Stewardship Council certification. KT’s primary objectives are to showcase the quality of British craftsmanship, provide outstanding service and promise to continue to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of ready assembled furniture.

Why not take a look at KT Furnishing’s practical, versatile solutions to get a few ideas for your own home?

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A Serene Collection

A Serene Collection

Founded in 2005, Serene Furnishings combine the best of luxury and affordability without sacrificing quality. As such, they offer a wide range of elegant products that suit various price points, from tight budgets to more premium tastes.

Although they emerged at a challenging time for the market - during the recent financial crisis in Britain - Serene have proven that they are devoted to providing style and are now recognised as one of the country’s leading manufacturers of beds and bedroom furniture. Their focus is on innovation and modern styles, with collections that echo more traditional looks too.

Serene Furnishings are based in the West Midlands and offer an unrivalled choice of bedsteads, headboards, sofa beds, daybeds and bunk beds all available in a choice of metal, wood, fabric and faux leather. They aim to provide comfort to families nationwide with products that capture the imagination and never compromise quality craftsmanship.

Their Oak collection is a staple of Serene’s catalogue, showcasing robust, timeless White Oak pieces. Sharp lines and exquisite proportion combine with thoughtful features to make modern living more practical. Reliable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing, wood is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Serene offer a choice of seamlessly connected styles to suit a range of bedrooms - each bed is also constructed with a posture sprung slatted base for optimum comfort. Thoughtful designs and functionality work hand in hand to create a range that incorporates White Oak to create a modern day classic.

The Maiden range offers bold shapes and beautiful patterns for a look of grandeur that makes a statement piece through sharp, clean lines. At first glance, a striking headboard and foot-end capture the imagination. This handcrafted crossover design helps create a stunning focal point to complement wider decor - best suited to earthy tones and accessories. Maiden is a stunning Shaker-inspired model with a unique twist, a robust feel and perfect proportions seal this majestic look. A sprung slatted base ensures optimum comfort, and there is a matching two drawer bedside table to sit alongside and complete your bedroom’s facelift.


Their precious metals collection represents the eclectic revival of historical styles for modern tastes. Influenced by the stylistic motifs of the Edwardian and Victorian eras, it is a collection that breathes new life into bedroom design. The orderliness and ornamentation of Victorian style add details and accents from the past that marry aspects of the traditional and contemporary, creating something new. These exquisite designs present the beauty of form and utilise the finest materials shaped by the hands of quality craftsmen, to add a unique touch of luxury to your bedroom.

The Clara bedstead is just one of the timeless furnishings available from Serene. This Crystal metal bedstead is a statement piece that will inject your bedroom with glamour. Featuring time-honoured design and contemporary notes that seamlessly combine to create a magical design that looks simply stunning in an electro-plated Black Nickel finish, which accentuates the elegant crystal-effect finials on top of the bedposts, headboard and footboard.


Lastly, we have a piece from Serene’s faux leather range. A distinguished design of substantial proportions, Andria oozes Chesterfield style grandeur, featuring a button effect rolled headboard and foot end. Beautiful studs and bun feet add to this rich model’s unmistakable charm, available in sizes ranging from 135cm – 180cm and choice of black and brown luxurious faux leather. This bedstead serves up sophistication in abundance, perfect for those looking to create an elegant bedroom interior. This bed would look beautiful paired with walnut furniture and sumptuous furs to complete the look.

Serene Furnishings pride themselves on excellent customer service and fast delivery - with most styles in stock at their warehouse. This means that you can achieve any style that you’re setting out to create without having to wait for as long. Why not check out their collections?

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Creating the Perfect Bedroom with Serene Furnishings

Creating the Perfect Bedroom with Serene Furnishings

If you’re looking to design your new bedroom, Serene Furnishings have a wide range of expertly crafted products available to suit many styles and budgets. Today we’re going to take a look at the Hevea collection that combines contemporary motifs with environmentally friendly materials, creating luxurious looks, ideal for your new, lavish bedroom.

The Hevea Collection is environmentally friendly and has quickly established itself as one of Serene Furnishing’s best-selling ranges. Produced using Hevea wood from the Brasiliensis tree, each piece presents stunning grain detail and craftsmanship. Brasiliensis trees are grown in tropical locations primary for rubber production. When the trees reach the end of their natural rubber producing lives, they are felled and used in making outstanding furniture. The Shakers had a profound influence on this collection, and the movement’s design principles are evident throughout the range. These pieces are eloquently understated with no need for extravagant details or superfluous lines. The proportions are simple and the lines clean to create a collection of modern, charming designs that are versatile and affordable.

Eleanor is a graceful name befitting for such an elegant, versatile design. Shakers strived for the essence of simplicity, with function taking priority in the design process – this can be seen in the beautifully crafted Eleanor family of designs. Here there is an emphasis on utility over style. This bedstead would make an elegant addition to any bedroom, available in Honey Oak and Opal White. To enhance this look, use neutral tones and punctuate the rest of the room with Scandinavian furniture for a modern feel.



Presenting clean, crisp lines and beautiful detailing, Mya is a contemporary design available in a choice of two colour finishes - Honey Oak and Opal White – and all sizes ranging from 90cm to 180cm, complete with an optional guest bed.

Now that we’ve looked taken a look at the Hevea range let’s focus on some interior design tips so that you can create your perfect bedroom. A bedroom should be your personal sanctuary to relax and unwind in - and we’re here to help you achieve tranquility with these ideas.


Don’t go all out with bold colours unless you have a thoroughly thought out scheme. Your personality is essential here, but allow it to reveal itself through furniture and accessories, as these pieces can accentuate your flair much easier. Bold colours aren’t particularly relaxing, so go for something softer and neutral. Earthy tones are fantastic for creating a homely, cosy feel. Subtle natural shades, including browns, greys and greens, are considered calm and serene. If you do have a favourite bold colour that you can’t wait to experiment with, tone it down and then accessorise with accent pieces for a more coherent look that is welcoming for a bedroom. Serene Furnishings also offer a variety of occasional chairs. The Stirling armchair as seen below in silver beautifully compliments earthy tones and greys while also adding an element of sophistication and added comfort to your bedroom.

If you wanted to embrace the use of grey tones and elegant detailing, Serene Furnishings do offer a range of Ottoman beds. The Lillian ottoman has Chesterfield pressed buttons to elevate the design so that it breathes an air of luxury. A room styled with this bed and the Stirling armchair is sure to bring class and comfort to your home. The Lillian ottoman comes in a choice of three fabrics, and you can choose from walnut, mahogany, ebony or natural to finish the legs.


Now that you have some ideas on colour, it’s a good time to consider what sort of style you want your decor to be. You don’t have to pick just one style, either, it’s entirely your choice. Picking elements that work hand in hand can create a unique look. Having an idea of the styles you like will help you to pick furniture that will enhance a chosen aesthetic. Pinterest is amazing for inspiration and creating mood boards that can be private or public - it may even have some genius style tips or elements that you hadn’t considered before. Furniture stores or friend’s houses (Shhh!) can also be great for ideas.


When buying furniture, you want your pieces to encapsulate your personality as well as the style you’ve chosen for your bedroom. When designing a bedroom, proportions and furniture sizes can sometimes go out of the window. Be sure that all of your furniture is appropriately sized (and shaped) for your personal requirements. That ornate, detailed king size sleigh bed may be beautiful, but will it compromise the space for the rest of your furniture? Don’t let one piece dominate the room as this could lead to a space that feels smaller and cramped. Furthermore, also try to pair furniture with pieces from the same selection for uniformity. These bedroom nightstands from Serene are part of the Eleanor range of the Hevea collection, available in three drawers or one:

In order to increase the functionality of your new bedroom where space may be limited, storage solutions from Serene are also available to really make use of every inch of space. These rolling drawers feature industrial elements and are designed to be used alongside Serene’s bedsteads. Another option is to buy an ottoman bed, as previously mentioned, however then you can no longer buy a wooden framed bedstead.


It’s important to decorate with consistency. If you did go for that traditional king size sleigh bed with intricate carved detailing, this could be a perfect design element for you to replicate throughout the room. Along the lines of extravagance, think vintage wall decorations and accessories, patterned designs that tie your style together in a sophisticated way. Otherwise, some of your furniture might stick out like a sore thumb. Go for pieces with similar details. This may be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook recurring elements - wallpaper is a great one for this. Think feature walls and murals to bring a given look to life. If you’re a fan of minimalism, throw that sleigh bed out of the window and opt for straight lines, monochrome palettes and functional, clean furniture. It depends entirely on what vision you have for your new bedroom.

Lastly, why not check out Serene’s range of bedroom furniture and bedsteads for luxury that is affordable, elegant and - most importantly - comfortable?

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All About Pendants - The Original BTC Way

All About Pendants - The Original BTC Way

Whether you’re looking to light your period property or a modern industrial apartment, Pendant lights are a stylish choice capable of punctuating any room with character. Over at Original BTC, Peter Dowles and his team have come up with a timeless range of pendants that will always breathe confidence, quirkiness and elegance into any space in need of a facelift.

So, before we discuss the different styles available from Original BTC, first, let’s talk about things to consider when choosing and using pendant lights. Learning how to use any lighting correctly can prevent you from encountering designer pitfalls that come with interior decor.

To start, let’s take a Victorian period property; high ceilings, narrow halls and all. Here you have excellent headspace for something a little adventurous. High ceilings offer so much freedom when it comes to deciding what type of lighting you’d like - you can pretty much choose anything. Perfect. So, most pendants are designed to cast light down, but patterns and different materials can shake this up a little. Various design elements can turn a narrow hallway into a stylish passage leading visitors from room to room that doesn’t go forgotten itself. A dose of clever light trickery goes a long way.




Original BTC’s vast range of bone china shaded lights are sure to pack a punch, overflowing with unique design elements and personality. Take the Pembridge Pendant, for example. With its overlapping tiers of fine bone china, light is gently diffused to create a soft, atmospheric glow. Also available as a floor or pendant light in three sizes, this light would fill your hall with feminine sophistication for a warm welcome to any visitor. Ceramic allows the light to permeate through to create a pool of light. The classic hallmarks of Original BTC design, such as an understated cotton woven braid, fit perfectly with the bold proportions and detailed features of Victorian properties. Don’t give this art deco twist a miss! Click here to check it out


Perhaps you have a more modern home. Another way you can incorporate the cosmopolitan charm of Original BTC into your house is through focus lighting. Combine groups of pendants above a surface for a sleek solution to finish your new kitchen, or to illuminate your dining room table. For this, I’m going to suggest the Hatton Pendant. Possessing intricately beautiful bone china shades, these lights showcase the highly skilled and labour intensive processes needed to transform bone china into multi-faceted, symmetrical, gem-like forms. When switched off these lights have a geometric, sculptural beauty, and when switched on they provide warm, ambient lighting with dramatic lines and shadows. The Lights are available in 5 different shade designs. Each have a complementing faceted bone china ceiling rose, with a contrasting black cotton braided flex, providing a contemporary edge. A grouping of three turns this angular triumph into a truly iconic centrepiece, hanging at eye level above your dinner table. Buy it here, cluster pendant available here. The perfect talking point for your dinner parties.


Maybe your style is a little more masculine. Original BTC have a stunning range of anthracite and brass designs which challenge and revive traditional lighting styles. Not least of all is the Glass School Pendant, which is a classic reimagined for maximum impact. Moody, brazen and brilliant, Davey Lighting’s School Light form has been repurposed in anthracite glass, giving the classic design a new and fresh dimension. Also available in opal or clear glass. Now available in two sizes, each glass shade has is hand blown in Original BTC’s glass factory, and fitted with an attractive brass or weathered brass chain and ceiling rose. The anthracite and clear glass shades show off the filament exposed light bulb, a trend that continues to evolve. For the bold industrial designer in us all, this rugged design captures the style’s best elements. This is one of my favourites. Buy it here.


Another choice is the Walter Pendant. It has a unique 1960s feel, with a striking combination of either satin brass or satin copper and a choice of opal or anthracite glass shades. The squirrel cage light bulbs complement this style beautifully, as do the black cotton braided cable and ceiling rose (also available in satin brass or satin copper). Available in two sizes. Here we have a simplistic design that is reminiscent of the past yet embraces modern, clean design that is perfectly formed. The touch of anthracite glass makes for an enchantingly dark centrepiece. Better yet, why not combine Walter with Davey Lighting’s School Glass Pendant for a daring statement throughout your home? Buy the Walter Pendant here.



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