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3 Parts of the House to Decorate With Mirrors

3 Parts of the House to Decorate With Mirrors

Adding mirrors is a great way to make your place look and feel spacious. Mirrors can help reflect and add light and depth to the room interior. They make the space look bigger, help open up a room, and add elegance to a room when used as a decoration. Mirror placements that reflect parts of the room that is attractive are fool-proof ideas for styling room designs.  If utilized properly, mirrors will bring your home’s interior design to a whole new level.

1.     Bedroom

  1.     Above the Headboard

A stylish wall mirror makes a very attractive focal point for bedroom decorating. Wall mirrors can make bed headboards more noticeable or prominent, A Clear Deco Venetian Wall Mirror can bring the center of attention to the bed area and add unique character to the bed decorating.

  1.     On Empty Walls

Mirrors make extraordinarily good decorations for empty walls. A mirror adds character to accent wall design and they work well with all other room decorations. A wall mirror can stretch spaces, brighten up a room, and can emphasize the elegant style of bedroom designs. Not only do they add decorative value to the room, they also improve functionality and adds final touch to the overall design of your bedroom.

2.     Bathroom

Bathroom designs over the years, have been underestimated as coined by many designers. Unique bathroom mirrors can reshape even the modest bathrooms and instill style and personality.

Depending on the look and feel that you are aiming for, there’s a wide variety of options out there to choose from. You can go for a hanging mirror and add light or candles for more ambient reflections, or a full length floor mirror, like the Contemporary Venetian Bubbles Full Length Large Floor Standing Mirror, whose size is sufficient enough to feed your vanity to its bursting point!

Since bathroom mirrors are being used every day, it is a legitimate reason for one to put some thought into choosing one that would turn a clinically-designed bathroom into a memory hub.

  1.     As a Vanity Mirror

Invest on a unique and stylish looking mirror and see your bathroom transform without having the need to change expensive elements such as the sink and the tiles. The Cream Framed Rocaille Decorative Overmantel Mirror make a good vanity mirror. Its intricate shape will certainly create a statement that people will remember without you having to spend a fortune on expensive bathroom decorations.

3.     Living Room

  1.     As an Art Piece

A great space for installing super-large mirrors are the living rooms. These mirrors doubles as art pieces, but also brightens up the room. Opening up the space with a big reflection of the room. The Contemporary Venetian Multifaceted Tessellated Decorative Wall Mirror fails to go unnoticed thanks to its classy style.

It offers a contemporary aesthetic, not needing to try hard to steal attention due to its charm. But even if a mirror doesn't take up the entire living room, it can play a key part in the design, you can choose mirrors with artistic frames or place them in angles where the key motif of the room can be reflected.

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