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Creating the Perfect Bedroom with Serene Furnishings

Creating the Perfect Bedroom with Serene Furnishings

If you’re looking to design your new bedroom, Serene Furnishings have a wide range of expertly crafted products available to suit many styles and budgets. Today we’re going to take a look at the Hevea collection that combines contemporary motifs with environmentally friendly materials, creating luxurious looks, ideal for your new, lavish bedroom.

The Hevea Collection is environmentally friendly and has quickly established itself as one of Serene Furnishing’s best-selling ranges. Produced using Hevea wood from the Brasiliensis tree, each piece presents stunning grain detail and craftsmanship. Brasiliensis trees are grown in tropical locations primary for rubber production. When the trees reach the end of their natural rubber producing lives, they are felled and used in making outstanding furniture. The Shakers had a profound influence on this collection, and the movement’s design principles are evident throughout the range. These pieces are eloquently understated with no need for extravagant details or superfluous lines. The proportions are simple and the lines clean to create a collection of modern, charming designs that are versatile and affordable.

Eleanor is a graceful name befitting for such an elegant, versatile design. Shakers strived for the essence of simplicity, with function taking priority in the design process – this can be seen in the beautifully crafted Eleanor family of designs. Here there is an emphasis on utility over style. This bedstead would make an elegant addition to any bedroom, available in Honey Oak and Opal White. To enhance this look, use neutral tones and punctuate the rest of the room with Scandinavian furniture for a modern feel.



Presenting clean, crisp lines and beautiful detailing, Mya is a contemporary design available in a choice of two colour finishes - Honey Oak and Opal White – and all sizes ranging from 90cm to 180cm, complete with an optional guest bed.

Now that we’ve looked taken a look at the Hevea range let’s focus on some interior design tips so that you can create your perfect bedroom. A bedroom should be your personal sanctuary to relax and unwind in - and we’re here to help you achieve tranquility with these ideas.


Don’t go all out with bold colours unless you have a thoroughly thought out scheme. Your personality is essential here, but allow it to reveal itself through furniture and accessories, as these pieces can accentuate your flair much easier. Bold colours aren’t particularly relaxing, so go for something softer and neutral. Earthy tones are fantastic for creating a homely, cosy feel. Subtle natural shades, including browns, greys and greens, are considered calm and serene. If you do have a favourite bold colour that you can’t wait to experiment with, tone it down and then accessorise with accent pieces for a more coherent look that is welcoming for a bedroom. Serene Furnishings also offer a variety of occasional chairs. The Stirling armchair as seen below in silver beautifully compliments earthy tones and greys while also adding an element of sophistication and added comfort to your bedroom.

If you wanted to embrace the use of grey tones and elegant detailing, Serene Furnishings do offer a range of Ottoman beds. The Lillian ottoman has Chesterfield pressed buttons to elevate the design so that it breathes an air of luxury. A room styled with this bed and the Stirling armchair is sure to bring class and comfort to your home. The Lillian ottoman comes in a choice of three fabrics, and you can choose from walnut, mahogany, ebony or natural to finish the legs.


Now that you have some ideas on colour, it’s a good time to consider what sort of style you want your decor to be. You don’t have to pick just one style, either, it’s entirely your choice. Picking elements that work hand in hand can create a unique look. Having an idea of the styles you like will help you to pick furniture that will enhance a chosen aesthetic. Pinterest is amazing for inspiration and creating mood boards that can be private or public - it may even have some genius style tips or elements that you hadn’t considered before. Furniture stores or friend’s houses (Shhh!) can also be great for ideas.


When buying furniture, you want your pieces to encapsulate your personality as well as the style you’ve chosen for your bedroom. When designing a bedroom, proportions and furniture sizes can sometimes go out of the window. Be sure that all of your furniture is appropriately sized (and shaped) for your personal requirements. That ornate, detailed king size sleigh bed may be beautiful, but will it compromise the space for the rest of your furniture? Don’t let one piece dominate the room as this could lead to a space that feels smaller and cramped. Furthermore, also try to pair furniture with pieces from the same selection for uniformity. These bedroom nightstands from Serene are part of the Eleanor range of the Hevea collection, available in three drawers or one:

In order to increase the functionality of your new bedroom where space may be limited, storage solutions from Serene are also available to really make use of every inch of space. These rolling drawers feature industrial elements and are designed to be used alongside Serene’s bedsteads. Another option is to buy an ottoman bed, as previously mentioned, however then you can no longer buy a wooden framed bedstead.


It’s important to decorate with consistency. If you did go for that traditional king size sleigh bed with intricate carved detailing, this could be a perfect design element for you to replicate throughout the room. Along the lines of extravagance, think vintage wall decorations and accessories, patterned designs that tie your style together in a sophisticated way. Otherwise, some of your furniture might stick out like a sore thumb. Go for pieces with similar details. This may be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook recurring elements - wallpaper is a great one for this. Think feature walls and murals to bring a given look to life. If you’re a fan of minimalism, throw that sleigh bed out of the window and opt for straight lines, monochrome palettes and functional, clean furniture. It depends entirely on what vision you have for your new bedroom.

Lastly, why not check out Serene’s range of bedroom furniture and bedsteads for luxury that is affordable, elegant and - most importantly - comfortable?

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