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How to Recreate a Scandinavian Look For Your Home

How to Recreate a Scandinavian Look For Your Home

A Scandinavian design theme is known for its clean, simple lines with an aesthetic sense that’s also functional. This is why it’s a particularly popular decor for many homeowners who want a bright and practical interiors for their space.

If you’ve always wanted the Scandinavian look for your home and want to go the DIY route, we got you covered! Below are some pro tips on how to achieve the same pleasing appeal of this kind of interiors.. From choosing a color palette to the right pieces, this article will outline all the basic guidelines for you!

Go For Bright, Wooden Floors

A Scandinavian interior theme is characterized by its bright, wooden floors—often colored white or anything that’s light. Steer clear from carpets as the place (Sweden) where this design theme interior originated often shunned away from those. A pale or fair floor no doubt helps keep your space well-lit and vibrant.

Choose the Right Color Palette

Going for the Scandinavian look isn’t just about opting for a light color, it’s also about complementing the paler colors with something that’s still neutral toned but is a little bit darker. For example, you can pair white with blue or cool grey in order to strike a more balanced ambience. This also has the added purpose of making your space more visually interesting.

Use the Right Materials

Pulling off a Scandinavian interior theme is all about using the right materials and in this case, the use of wood in most aspects of your home is essential. Whether on your walls, ceiling, or on some of your furniture pieces, using wood as your primary material is a good thing. To make things visually interesting, make sure to add texture as well.

Incorporate the Right Form and Function

Scandinavian interiors are known for their clean lines as well as for their standout incorporation of function. This ensures that your space is fully liveable, yet still vibrantly appealing. A great example of a furniture piece that embodies both is our Beso Large Pendant by Feiss which has a sleek, simple look for illuminating any room.

Pick Furniture Items That’s in Line With The Theme

To make sure that your Scandinavian-themed interior looks cohesive, you also have to pick furniture items that reflect it. Just like the previous tip, it has to embody both form and function. In fact, the Halden Swivel And Faux Leather Recliner Chair White by Serene Furnishings is a superb example of a furniture piece that aptly conveys the sleek, clean look Scandinavian interiors are known for.

Shopping Online for Scandinavian-Themed Items

Buying the right furniture items for your Scandinavian decor is as easy as browsing through our collections and having them delivered to your home. Gone are the days where you have to go to a retail outlet and look everything over one by one which could be a time-consuming process for anyone.

If you want great deals and convenience without compromising item choice and quality, shopping at Dandelion Interiors is your best bet!

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