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Using Lighting to Transform your Home

Using Lighting to Transform your Home

When you are thinking to do some renovation in your home and taking care of every single thing to be changed completely, then lighting is a must consider the thing. People often don't take care of lightening while renovating their home. According to many surveys and reports, lightning is only the tool by which flaws can be covered during building the house. A good sense of lighting can give immense pleasure to the house. I would not hesitate to say that lighting should be the top priority while transforming your house. Most of the people don't take care of this aspect as they think that lighting cannot give a change to room or the entire house.

Further while choosing lights for your home, you should also take care that whether the light in the room is required or not. Some lights in the room depend on the size of the room. Mostly the types of lights include the table lamps, the floor lamps, and the pendant lights. These should be used accurately and correctly where required. Providing the perfect lights in the room can give a cool and pleasant touch. This will ultimately improve the mood of the people living there too. The need of lights at a specific place and the wish of lighting at that place are entirely two different things. The need of lights may be less at a certain place but your wish could be more at the same place. Lighting in the living room should be kept more as compared to the other rooms.

In the living room, the use of bright lights should be more. It should be carefully taken care of the light in the living room as light should spread in the whole room equally. As living rooms are the meeting rooms of the family too so it is the most frequently used room of the house. Sometimes families get together to watch movies on the mini theatre placed in the living room.


A pendant light should be used in the living room because it would be hanged in the centre of the room and light would spread equally on all corners. Further at the corners reading lamps and floor lamps should be placed so that they would give a dashing look to the room.

In the kitchens, a bright light providing instrument should be used as all the food is to be prepared there and cutting of vegetables and fruits is also being carried there. While lights in the bedrooms should be kept dim.

Bedrooms are mostly to get relax so a dull lighting scheme would be suitable here which relax the eyes and give comfort. While choosing the lights the interior of the room should also be kept in mind.


The design of the furniture and walls should be carefully observed while choosing light providing appliances.


For an artistic look, side table lamps should also be placed in the bedroom which gives an extended feeling. If you are a type of romantic personality, then you should use a couple of candles in the room or hanging lamps too. 

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