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Beadlight Lighting Range

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Beadlight is a British manufacturing company that strives to give their customers quality, design and safety. In 1997, Beadlight created the first ever LED reading light for commercial airliner Virgin Atlantic - using their hallmark “Beadlight diffusion” lighting, which is the finest LED illumination to read by.

Their lights meet commercial and professional needs - helping customers across the world with practical lighting solutions. Over the last 20 years, Beadlight has become renowned in the aerospace industry. They have in-house designers and engineers that work with clients to meet tailor-made requirements.

Beadlight work with major airlines and seat manufacturers internationally. As of 2013, Original BTC - one of the fastest growing companies in the UK - bought the company and added to their impressive lighting portfolio.

Their designs are beautifully crafted, innovative and look to the future. Ergonomic, functional and utilitarian - Beadlight create concepts that make everyday life easier