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Modern And Contemporary Beds

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Just admit it, if you could get married to your bed, you would. I certainly would. We spend a considerable portion of our lives sleeping or in bed, so why not invest in a quality, expertly designed bedstead from our extensive range?

Here at Dandelion, we have an abundance of bed frames made from wood, metal and material. If your tastes are traditional, why not rely on the sturdy composition of a chunky wooden bed frame? Our wooden beds are an excellent investment for your home in that they are built to last, ensuring that you’ll be tucked up and warm for many winter nights to come.

Wooden designs can be simple or more elaborate; it depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Serene Furnishings offer a selection of bold, eye-catching designs such as the Maiden range, constructed from Oak. Wood is a perfect fit for when you want to bring warmth and strong form to your bedroom.

Since you’ll be spending around a third of your life in bed, it’s crucial that you choose one that is comfortable, robust and stylish. The type of bed that you go for can have a significant impact on your bedroom overall. If you’re looking to give your room a facelift, why not start with a new bed?

If you’re more keen on something a little more ornate, our metal bedsteads may be perfect for you. Our collection captures the essence of the past with design twists, reviving Victorian and Edwardian styles for the modern day. Not only this, but we have a range of industrial and contemporary beds so that you can update your bedroom with a new look.

Drift off in style with our extensive collection of beds here at Dandelion!