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Modern And Contemporary Storage Chests, Blanket Boxes and Trunks

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Our range of decorative storage chests and blanket boxes are perfect for room displays where added flair is needed, or for extra storage for your belongings. Is your linen cupboard overflowing? No worries, we can help you. Placing a Blanket Box at the foot of your bed boosts your room’s style by giving your bedroom that decadent feel. Not only that, but they’re also convenient and can help you cut down on clutter.

Decorative storage chests and blanket boxes can make your life easier by allowing you to store your bedding even closer to your bed. Furthermore, they’re ideal for storing blankets and throws - giving them an allocated spot that is easy to reach rather than being crammed in the tiny top shelf of your wardrobe.

These flexible pieces of furniture can also double up as alternative coffee tables, giving your living room even more storage than traditional tables. From antique to wooden designs, our baskets can add a tactile, rustic feel to your home or simply give you more storage space.

These boxes are excellent for storing unused clothes and can act as a great bedside table. The list of possible uses is just endless, so why not treat yourself to a versatile piece that will fit perfectly with your bedroom furniture? Most of our sturdy wooden baskets are deliberately handcrafted to ensure optimum quality.