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Modern And Contemporary Luxury Kingsize Beds

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Comfy Luxury Kingsize Beds

A luxury king size bed is no doubt a popular choice for many couples. They're spacious, they're wide and provide couples with a lot of room to move around especially during sleep. So what exactly should you consider when buying a luxury king size bed? Make sure to read on and find out!

Before buying one, it's important to take your needs into account. Since they come in with a lot of options, you have to know what your preferences are as well in terms of style and material, to name just a few! For our complete selection of beds, check out this link as well!

Luxury Kingsize Bed Dimensions

A lot of people aren't still too sure on the size difference of a queen size and a king size bed from each other—only that the king size is bigger than the queen size. Well for starters, a king size bed exactly measures with a width of 60 inches (5 foot) 150 cm and a length of 78 inches (6 foot 6 inches) 200 cm.

For those coming to UK from other countries, you might find that a king size bed here is considered to be a queen size such as in the US. That's why always make it a point to check the actual dimensions in the product description just to make sure. If you want something a little bit bigger, check out our luxury super king-sized beds!

Shopping Online for a Kingsize Bed

Shopping online for a king size bed is no doubt a convenient choice that lets you cut your browsing time in half. Unlike in an actual outlet where you have to go over and inspect bed upon bed, shopping online allows you to do all that in just a couple of clicks!

Aside from the convenience it provides, shopping online comes with a lot of good deals such as the ones we offer here in Dandelion Interiors. We don't just offer many of our items in marked down prices but we also offer free shipping there's really no additional cost to shopping online! Make sure you shop our other beds such as our double beds here.