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Modern And Contemporary Luxury Single Beds

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Impressive Luxury Single Beds

Single beds are great choices if a room is limited in space and only has one occupant. To buy the right luxury single bed, you have to take into account both size and comfort for the one who's going to use it.

Dandelion Interiors' collection of impressive luxury single beds are no doubt popular especially for those looking to mix style with quality. If you haven't decided on a specific type of bed yet and want to see what option are there, don't hesitate to check out our entire bed collection here.

Picking a Quality Luxury Single Bed

Choosing a luxury single bed is all about settling for one one that embodies both your style and comfort preferences. On the style side, it can easily add to the whole look of your bedroom while on the other side, you'll have to ensure that it's still comfy enough to be slept at.

A quality luxury single bed is convenient to have in your home since you can also put it in your guest room. For reference, a single bed's frame should measure 90cm x 190cm (3'0" x 6'2"). You can also check out our guest beds if you need something that's really built to accommodate more people.

Luxury Single Bed Materials

Luxury single beds vary in design, material, and make. Despite all these choices, it's important to know what aligns with your style or room preferences. This ensures that whatever you buy will no doubt be a long-term investment for you!

Single beds are often made of metal or wood. Common types of woods used are mahogany, oak, or pine. The usual types of metals used, on the other hand, are steel, iron, and brass, to name just a few. If you want something slightly larger than a single bed, check out our collection of smaller double beds.