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Serene Furnishings

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Do you love only the highest quality and sumptuous pieces of furniture for your home? Discover Serene Furnishings...

As one of the UK’s leading bedroom specialists, Serene offer luxury and affordability across all of their ranges of bedroom furniture, including a plethora of beautiful bedsteads, headboards, tables and chairs to bring your home to life available with their unrivalled array of materials and designs.   

With over 100 different styles to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, Victorian influenced ornate bedstead or a modern Oak piece that combines sharp lines and perfect proportions, Serene’s versatile catalogue of on-trend furniture is sure to impress with an abundance of options.

No, you’re not dreaming... yet! Serene’s pieces are yours to keep and enjoy for years to come, making every day the perfect day for a lie in.

Durable, elegantly formed furniture by Serene Furnishings let you achieve ultimate comfort with functionality. Serene pride themselves on excellent customer service and fast delivery, with plenty of styles in stock.

You can sink into your own sanctuary of slumber even sooner than you imagined.

The great thing about Serene is that their ranges are extremely versatile. From their precious metals collection - to robust Oak,  the contemporary Hevea range or the minimalism of their Astra pieces - you have the freedom to compare an array of styles and complete any look.

Explore their products now to take advantage of our offers or take a look at our other bedroom ranges!