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Modern And Contemporary Storage Units and Cabinets

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Storage can be annoying problem to tackle with the stresses of modern day life. You want solutions that are not only practical but are also beautiful and durable, built with the highest quality materials.

Cabinets and storage units are extremely versatile in the sense that they can be used in any room throughout your home. When furnishing your home with these pieces, it’s important to achieve not only aesthetic requirements but functionality also.

Dandelion offer a range of expertly crafted and well thought out designs so that you can organise your home to your requirements. Whether you need a piece to complete your living room neatly, or something to break the uniformity and stand out, you'll find industrial, vintage and modern products ideal for your space.

Banish the clutter in your hallway or add a quirky set of drawers to your bedroom to express your personality - whatever you need, we’re sure to have storage options to suit you!